Trailer Otro Elements - "Earth below me, sky above me, fire within me"

The 5 elements expedition is a trip for people that seek to disconnect from the humdrum of bustling city contexts, where smart phones and time pressure control the mind. They are guest of a self sustaining community called “La Vita Pura” (the Pure Life) that live in the Otro Valley, Valsesia, hidden between the peaks of the Italian Alps and only to be reached by foot. Surrounded by impressive mountains where facebook friends, job title and ego are useless. A week of digging with bare hands in the earth, plantings seeds, cook home grown products, hike to snowy mountain tops, practice Tai Chi, chop wood, try to breathe calmly when plunging in a stream of icewater and learn to be humble in a traditional sweatlodge.

Real growth takes place where your comfortzone ends.

Vita Pura: "Transumanza", "Happy Goat", "Bread with passion" & "Mountain people"