Otro Elements Young Expedition


EXPEDITION for young adults

Are you at a point where you need to take important decisions, but you’ve got stranded in doubt and uncertainty?

Do you feel the pressure to achieve from those around you as well as the fear within yourself to make the wrong choices?

While at the end of the day you just want to follow your heart, you just don’t know how to….

It’s good to step back and reflect on things every once in a while. Reflect on who you are and what you want. Discuss the things you struggle with and talk about your fears and uncertainties. You need to make the time and space for the things that truly matter.

Going back to nature and finding its peace and quiet is a great way to do this. This is where it all started: earth, water, fire, air, space. The elements: our prerequisites for life on earth. Nature is the ideal place to let go of your stress. To unwind, get some air, reflect, just be. No external influences, no phones, tv, social media and superfluous luxury. No expectations, no distractions. Drinking fresh water from a stream, chopping wood, preparing food from your own back yard, baking fresh bread, having conversations that inspire you and sleeping under the stars that currently merely appear in your dreams…

We’d love to take you to a place where you will challenged, both physically and mentally. Back to nature, out of your comfort zone, to get to new insights, new solutions, new ideas. Or perhaps to realise that things are good as they are… Hiking through the Italian Alps with a group of up to 15 young people. It’ll be a week you will never forget. A week in which nothing is a must, everything is a go. Take a break when you’re tired, swim when you feel like it. Talk. Or be quiet. Do as you wish.

Five days of mesmeric views, unforeseen insights, new encounters at the magical place that is the foot of the Mount Rosa, where you will be allowed to just be you. Just... You.

Go crazy, break free of life’s chains and join us on this adventure. Are you up for it?


Otro Elements YOUNG

5 days  - 5 elements

10-15 young adults between 17 and 28 years

digital detox

time for reflection

connection with yourself and nature

chop wood and making fire 

beautiful hiking in the Italian Alpes

eat local fair food made & sleep under the stars

no expectations, no disapointments

work hard and get rested 

Let yourself be stunned and guided by the 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space.



In 2019 there is not yet an Otro Elements Young expedition planned



Alpe Selvaccia

A secluded valley in the rugged Italian Alps at the foot of Mount Rosa. A place where time stands still. Far away from luxury and civilisation. This is our stage for the Otro Elements Young expedition.



The cost for this expedition is 695 euro.  (excl 22% VAT). Price includes 4 nights, all organic meals, qualified mountain guide and coaching. Transport from and to the airport is included. Please note: price does not include return flight to Milan Malpensa.



This Young expedition is organised by Sara Eenhoorn, Jorn Vetter and Raymond Landgraaf and we will be guided by our local mountain guide Seppi.



Click [HERE] for the application form



For any questions about the programme, further information or registration, please email Sara: info@otro-elements.it.