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Sometimes you just feel the need to leave. Leave your daily ‘busyness' and daily routines. Get away from all obligations, all expectations. Just leave. Without thinking about work, about tomorrow. No phones. No luxury. Just to be in raw nature. 

Together we chop wood, build fires, eat of the land and drink from the source. We sleep under the starry night sky. We are rascals again like we used to be. There’s not much more to it. Relax, reflect and recharge. 

Otro Elements offers back-to-basics expeditions in the Italian Alps. Because: "Outside your comfort zone that's where the magic happens..." 

NEW LOCATION: Alpe Selvaccia...!

After 6 wonderful years and running over 30 expeditions in our beloved Val d’Otro, and seeing hundreds of people rediscover themselves and reconnect with nature, it finally happened. It was time to change. Believe it or not, we managed to purchase our "own" mountain, right behind Otro, overlooking the Monte Rosa Massif. Alpe Selvaccia; our own back-to-basic Retreat Center. Curious? Read [ our story in a dutch magazine ] or look at [ the options ].

'Been there, done that' was always my motto. but now I have to admit: 


"This 'men only' expedition is the most precious thing I ever experienced", according to Douwe. 

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