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Winter white edition

  • 5 days of tour skiing around the Monte Rosa Massif

  • 8 - 12 Participants (M/F)

  • Blissful descents on (hopefully) untouched powdered slopes

  • Tour skiing with skins

  • Create a silent space for introspection

  • Digital detox, reflect & connect

  • Eat and sleep in remote mountain lodges

  • Guidance & support from professional UIAGM mountain guides

  • Downhill and off-piste ski experience required, tour ski experience desired


Our tour is entirely dependant on weather and snow conditions. We are currently working with various options, one of which is the ‘Tour de Monte Rosa’. After the Mont Blanc, the Monte Rosa Massif is the highest group of mountains in Europe. This tour departs from Alagna Valsesia, loups along Macugnaga and Saas Fee, before looping back to Alagna through Zermatt. This route provides an incredible view of Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. Various other options for off-the-beaten-path tour skiing, are found in Val Vogna. Would neither of these routes be safe or in good condition, we usually select another trail in the Italian Alps. The final route will be selected by the local team, various days before the expedition, and communicated to all participants. 

Dates 2023

18 - 22 March


The estimated price for this winter white expedition is 1.695,-pp (ex BTW), total €1960, 50 (incl. BTW).  This includes airport transits, 4 overnight stays in mountain lodges, half-board and professional guidance from UIAGM mountain guides. This price excludes your return ticket to Milano Malpensa, ski-gear rental, ski-passes and all other consumptions.  



Are you interested? Are you ready to apply? Please click the following [ link ] and secure your spot. After your official application we will provide you with all practical information you need, such as location specifics, flight details, payment information, terms and conditions, as well as a kit-list. Let the adventure begin!  

Any other questions?

Please get in touch! E-mail to

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