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'Alpe Selvaccia'
Rassa Valsesia

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'Alpe Selvaccia' has recently become our prime location for all our expeditions and it also forms the spectacular backdrop for the EO program 'Men in the Wild'. It is a beautiful mountain located in the Italian Alps, at the foot of the imposing Monte Rosa massive, a place where time has stood still, far from luxury and civilization, about 2 hours north-west of Milan, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


When GP Raymond Landgraaf and his family went on vacation to Italy, they were in love with the unsurpassed Valsesia valley. The wild nature, the high mountains, the lovely villages, the beautiful rivers, the green meadows and extensive forests. He decided spontaneously with his wife and children to stay there for a while longer. That is now more than 7 years ago. They still live in La Bella Italia. With great pleasure.

Seasoned Cold Meats
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After a good breakfast or extensive lunch in Rassa, the walk can begin. There are two options, the short but more steep (stair) route of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and the long route of approximately 3 to 4 hours. Depending on the walking speed and conditions. The long route goes from restaurant Heidi, through Campello, Alpe Sorbello and Alpe Scandarlorso. A beautiful route along waterfalls, chapels, deserted villages, meadows with wild horses, through forests and over bridges. Both walks are easy to do. Also for the inexperienced walker. From Rassa (at 917 m) you have to rise to 1566 m, to base camp 'Alpe Selvaccia'. Another option is to take the service board by car via Piode. From Piode it is about a 20 minute drive and then another 15 minutes walk down from Alpe Pizzo to 'Alpe Selvaccia'. Please note: this road is only accessible to homeowners with a key to the entrance gate.


Sports activities

Once on Alpe, but also in the wider area, various sporting activities are possible, such as hiking, rock climbing, abseiling and horse riding. In addition, you can go kayaking and rafting on the Sesia, the river that rises on the glacier of the 4636 meter high Monte Rosa and flows into the Po. Along this 138 km long river you will find some canoe, kayak, and rafting schools that are very well equipped in terms of material and have professional teachers. The entire region is also a fantastic place to go mountain biking. There are many MTB routes and places to rent mountain bikes. And just above Alpe Selvaccia there is a beautiful mountain bike trail that connects Rassa with Alpe Mera where you can also ski in the winter. And speaking of skiing, besides Alpe Mera, Alagna Valsesia -in particular- is the place to go skiing in the winter. The nickname of this characteristic mountain village is also "Freeride Paradise" because of the great off-piste and heli-ski possibilities. But it is also a nice ski area for families with small children. And you may come across Raymond there on the slopes because he works there all winter as a doctor of the mountain rescue service...


For more information about the possible sporting activities, trails and rental options of the necessary materials, check out the official sites of Valsesia: [] and for more information about off-piste paradise Alagna on []. You can only call us if interested in our expeditions and in 'Alpe Selvaccia'. Of course. For all other tourist information, we refer you to the local tourist office and sites.

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