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Somewhere deep inside you burns a flame, one that is fuelled by primal instincts. This is where your longing to live off the land and breathe in cold mountain air resides. Your longing to get rough and get rested. To chop wood and make fire. 

Once we all lived in the wild. We had to fight for survival, found shelter in huts and caves. We built bridges, homes and dams. We explored the world. Nowadays, we predominantly race against the clock. We’ve exchanged a view of endless plains for one of endless concrete. We swapped our long days out in the field for an office with nothing but views of our computer screen. Slowly but surely, the wilderness vanished from our lives, yet the longing lives on.

What will remain of us if we leave all distractions of our everyday lives behind us? Who are we, stripped from our roles, our jobs, our status?


We’ll take you to a place where time stood still, where you will live off the land and drink from the mountain springs. Here, nature is many times larger, wider and wiser than we are. Nature will challenge you to truly look at yourself: who you are, where you are and where you’re headed. 


During our time together, we stay at the roughest edges of the Italian Alps, overlooking the Monte Rosa Massif. Get back in touch with yourself and rediscover the childlike playfulness that’s always been with you. Be guided by nature, by the five elements that define nature and our lives: water, fire, earth, air and space.  

Our objective? To step back into nature, return to yourself, rediscover your true physical and mental powers, live life to the fullest. This journey you will never ever forget. You’ll return rested, despite considerable physical challenges, with space in your head and gain beautiful insights or perhaps even a new outlook on life itself.


Are you ready for an adventure?  


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