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Looking for a special summer holiday? Are you dreaming of a unique experience outdoors? Wanting to taste ‘La Vita Pura’, the pure life? Chopping wood, and singing around the campfire? 

This year, we offer a possibility for families to go ‘back-to-basics’ at Alpe Selvaccia; a self-supported adventure in the Italian Alps. What’s different from our traditional expedition, is that for this program you are in charge of your own activities and day-planning.

We provide the following: 

  • Hiking in the Mountains, guided by a certified local guide

  • Locally sourced organic food, served by our own dear Maria

  • Preparation, organization, packing and logistical support 

  • Optional transit from and to the airport.  


You will be hosted in a remote valley in the rough italian alps, at the foot of the Monte Rosa Massif. A place where time stood still, far away from luxury and the civilized world. Alpe Selvaccia, the stage for your own back-to-basic experience.  

Dates 2023

On demand, in the period May to October 2023.  



The estimated price for 3 days/2 nights is 495,- (ex. VAT) for adults, and half price for children. At a minimum of 8 people, consisting of for example two families. This amount includes accommodation, meals and a private chef. The price excludes transportation to and from the venue, which can be booked at an additional cost.  



If you are interested, please contact us now by sending an email to to make a request for booking. We will then get in touch with you to further discuss the possibilities. After booking, you will receive all other practical information, such as the packing list, travel advise and the invoice. After that, the adventure may begin!

Family Weekend

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